• I’ve moved/graduated/changed name etc

    You can easily update your details by logging in to your account, going to the ‘Profile & Surveys’ tab, and clicking on the ‘Update my details’ section.

  • Where’s my confirmation email?

    After you complete the sign-up form you will automatically be sent a confirmation email. This can take a little while to come through, so don’t worry if you haven’t received it yet. Don’t forget to check your spam folder as they can sometimes end up here!

  • How old do you have to be to join?

    The OpinionPanel Community is open to 13-30 year olds.

  • How do I join?

    You can click here to sign up or the JOIN button above in the navigation bar. You will then receive a confirmation email to complete your first survey and earn £10 (1000 points)!

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